What is the Saya Suka Membaca program?

Saya Suka Membaca (SSM) - or "I Love Reading" - is a literacy program run by the charity Yayasan Tunas Aksara. We work for a future where all of Indonesia's children can have the chance to learn to read, and to love reading.

What does Saya Suka Membaca do?

We do this by equipping pre-school and early-primary teachers to teach literacy effectively, so that the children they teach learn to read with fluency, understanding and enjoyment.

  • Learn to read fluently
  • Understand the things they read
  • Come to love reading and learning

What services does Saya Suka Membaca provide?

We provide our partners with three things:

Saya Suka Membaca Literacy Curriculum

A field-tested Indonesian-language literacy curriculum that is effective,, engaging for children and easy to use for teachers., dan sudah teruji di lapangan.
[Click here for more information about our curriculum.

Levelled Reading Books

Our high quality, culturally relevant reading books and learning materials are designed to support children as they learn to read, increasing steadily in complexity to support children to develop as readers.
[More information about levelled reading books]

Teacher Training

We offer teacher training and mentoring that produces effective teachers of literacy who are able to share a love of reading and learning, and to care for the children they teach.
[Click here for more information about teacher training and mentoring]

Why is learning to read important?

Reading is the beginning...

Reading changes lives. It’s the foundation of a good education, which makes us happier, healthier, and more productive. But many pre-school teachers across Indonesia have had little or no training to enable them to teach reading effectively, with the result that literacy levels remain low: more than 86% of Indonesian 15-year-olds read at too low a level to gain significant benefits from their secondary education.1

Improving levels of literacy among Indonesian schoolchildren is fundamental to improving educational quality and equity in Indonesia. Children who learn to read with fluency and understanding at an early stage – and who love learning – will benefit from compounding returns throughout their school years, and for the rest of their lives.

Reading is the future...

Indonesia’s future prosperity depends on high levels of literacy. A rich ecosystem of digital products and services is impossible without large numbers of highly literate creators and a broad base of well-educated users and consumers. And the world is changing so fast that life-long learning is critical to our success. The internet is the greatest educational resource in history – and it’s free – but access to its riches depends first on our ability to read and write.2 The digital economy is built on literacy.


1 Literacy key to Education in Indonesia, blog @HEADfoundation by board member Stuart Patience
2Reading the Present, Writing the Future, THink Magazine, April 2018

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