A complete curriculum for teaching reading in Indonesian that's effective, engaging for children, and easy to use for teachers.

Our field-tested curriculum is designed to teach Indonesian children to read Bahasa Indonesia fluently and with understanding. It is based on best practices in teaching reading and uses a phonics approach tailored for use in Indonesia's classrooms.

Daily Teaching Plans

We provide detailed daily teaching plans that are easy to use, support sustained high quality teaching, and include a range of activities to make learning to read fun for children. Our ready-to-use activity books and other supporting materials reinforce learning. On completing the program most children can read simple stories independently and demonstrate their understanding by providing brief answers to written questions. Importantly, they also love reading!

The Five Levels of the Saya Suka Membaca Curriculum:

Level 0: Persiapan (Pre-Reading)

Level 1: Bunyi Huruf (Letter Sounds)

Level 2: Suka Kata (Syllables)

Level 3: Kata & Kalimat (Reading words, sentences and simple stories)

Level 4: Baca Mandiri (Reading Independently)

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Further information

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