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About our Levelled Reading Books

High-quality, culturally-relevant reading books of appropriate difficulty are a core part of achieving our aims – when children enjoy books and stories they are far more motivated to learn to read! Our series of 52 early-reading books has been written specifically for the Indonesian context, drawing inspiration from everyday life across Indonesia. The series supports children as they progress in reading, and individual books are closely linked to our daily teaching plans, for example by focusing on a particular letter or syllable.

Why are levelled reading books important for children learning to read?

Pada saat mulai belajar membaca, anak-ana

k membutuhkan buku bacaan yang sederhana dan memakai kalimat pendek yang mudah dimengerti oleh mereka. Seri buku-buku bacaan bertahap Saya Suka Membaca terdiri dari 18 judul buku yang dimulai dari tingkat dasar, kemudian tingkat kesulitan setiap buku meningkat secara bertahap, sesuai dengan perkembangan kemampuan membaca anak. Selain itu, buku bacaan untuk pemula idealnya harus memuat cerita yang menarik dan menyenangkan sehingga anak-anak senang dan termotivasi untuk membaca.

Features of the Saya Suka Membaca series

Progression of complexity – “levelled” reading books

Each book focuses on a specific letter or combination of letters. Book 1 uses only simple words with syllables ending in a vowel (e.g. lari, bola). Each later book introduces additional letter combinations. This gradual progression builds confidence by allowing children to understand and enjoy what they are reading.

Deliberate repetition and practice.

Higher level books reinforce prior learning by repeating letter combinations introduced in earlier books.

Cultural relevance

Children find it easier to read books they can relate to. Our books use the everyday Indonesian language familiar to children, especially to those from poor communities. The stories represent normal life for most Indonesians, with familiar people, places and situations, and simple illustrations that reflect the diversity of the country. We use our own easy to read font using the same letter shapes taught in Indonesian schools.


Children’s lives and educational opportunities are transformed when they learn to love reading. Some of our books are exciting. Others are funny or surprising. Creating a generation of confident and enthusiastic readers is a key step towards educational and social transformation.

Free activity book to help children learn to read

The Saya Suka Membaca series is accompanied by a free Activity book available for download in .pdf format.pdf downloadThis book contains four activities for each story in the series to reinforce children's learning.

See inside Saya Suka Membaca books in our video catalogue

The inside cover of the back page contains information to help teachers and parents to use SSM reading books to help their children to learn to read - and to love reading.

Saya Suka Membaca Book Catalogue

More information about levelled reading books

For more information about our book levelling system and the structure of the Saya Suka Membaca series please see the file below: