Partner with Saya Suka Membaca

We love hearing from organisations and individuals who share our vision. Together, we can build a future where all Indonesian children have the opportunity to learn to read and to love reading - a future that will be brighter for all of us.

Teachers and Parents

If you're a teacher, charity leader or parent and are interested in using the Saya Suka Membaca curriculum and materials, we'd love to help. Don't wait - email us at:

Other ways to partner with us:

  • Tell Others - Share this website or our videos with other who might be interested in our work.
  • Get involved - ask about joining our team of volunteers. We're looking for educators, administrators, fund-raisers, writers, illustrators, designers and web-developers.
  • Get trained - find out how you could use Saya Suka Membaca to serve your local community.
  • Give - Make a general donation, sponsor the printing of a reading book, or introduce us to other potential donors and sponsors (financial details can be found below). It costs us US$15 per year to teach a child to read, and $700 to print 1000 reading books.

Saya Suka Membaca (Yayasan Tunas Aksara) Bank Details:

Nama: Yayasan Tunas Aksara
Bank: Mandiri
Acc No: 123-00-5559777-9   (1230055597779)
Branch: KC Jakarta ITC Cempaka Mas

Donasi lewat PayPal

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